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What are Speed Bump Rings and How Do I Use Them?

Speed Bump Rings

A Quicker Way to Bypass a Lock through Lock Bumping

Speed Bump Rings

If you’ve ordered bump keys from you received a pack of what look like green, donut-shaped rubber bands.  These are Speed Bump Rings and they make lock bumping quicker and easier.

These Speed Bump Rings can be used with all locks and keys. For some locks and keys, modification to the base of the key might be needed.  Your first try at Speed Bumping should be attempted without any modification to the key.  Since every lock manufacture has different styles of keys, you need to determine which system will work for your situation.

Using a Speed Bump Ring

To use a Speed Bump Ring without any modification to the key, slide the band around the tip and over the cuts. Make sure you slide the Speed Bump Ring all the way up to the shoulder of the key.

When the bump key is inserted into the lock, the Speed Bump Ring will be flat against the face of the tumbler. Use the same technique as you would with your standard lock bumping system.  Apply slight rotational pressure in the direction you would turn the key to open the lock.  Hit the back of the key with your bump hammer about 15 times. If the lock does not open, then release pressure, and remove and re-insert the key.  Try changing how much rotational pressure you’re applying, and how hard you are hitting the key with the bump hammer.

If after several attempts and you are still not successful, then you will need to modify shoulder of the key.

Modifying Your Bump Key to use a Speed Bump Ring

In order to make proper modification to the key base, you will want to insert the key all the way into the lock and pull it out one click. Place the Speed Bump Ring on the face of the tumbler next to the key shoulder.  Mark the height of the speed ring with a pencil on the key.  Use a file to remove the material on the key base from the mark all the way to the original stop point. This ensures the key reaches all of the pins in the lock.

After modifying your key to accommodate the Speed Bump Ring, use the same lock bumping technique as before. Remember to modify your rotational pressure and the force of the hit with the bump hammer.

Try, Try, and Try Again

The trick to bumping a lock is to find the right combination of pressure and force with the bump hammer.  If you are still having trouble opening the lock, then some graphite lubricant inserted into the lock should do the trick.

Our Bump School Practice Lock is a great tool to help hone  your lock bumping skill. You can buy a set of Speed Bump Rings from our store, or a pack of 5 pieces comes with every Bump Key order.  Be sure to pick up our proprietary Bump Hammer.  With our bump hammer you can customize the weight of your hammer to suit your personal style.  Additionally if you spend $20 or more in our store, you will receive a free bump hammer with your order.

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