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The Bump Hammers are finally here!

Bump School Bump Hammer

We have some exciting news!

After extensive research and design, we finally received our locksmith-designed ABS bump hammers!

These are the best bump hammers on the market. We’re confident you’ll agree, so we are giving away a bump hammer with every order placed over $20!

If you’re just interested in buying a bump hammer, here is the link:

For a limited time they are on sale for $9.99!

Check out our product photos below:

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We have officially launched! Bump Keys and Accessories from BumpSchool101 is now live! We can’t wait to post more content, guides and products for our customers, locksmiths, bump key, lock bumping and lock picking hobbyists.

Check out our STORE for everything we offer!

Bump keys have become a great tool for locksmiths as well as for those that want to have a tool ready for when they are locked out themselves.

We offer a large selection of bump key sets that cover almost every lockset imaginable. From door locks and deadbolts to padlocks and lockers, our bump keys will make getting locked out a thing of the past. Our keys are milled from quality high grade blanks that will stand the test of time and put up with the most harsh abuse. They are engineered for the best bumping performance and the least wear on the target lock.

Check back frequently for new products as well as how-to’s, instruction and news!